• Assisting you with quick formation of your company.
  • Free counselling about your business affairs and future plans.
  • Timely and efficient planning of tax affairs.
  • Working closely with you to retain, protect and maximize your wealth.
  • Helping you to incorporate a business that is favourable and tax efficient.
  • Providing services such as bookkeeping, preparation of satutory accounts, VAT, PAYE, wealth management and so on.
  • As we deliver and add values, clients has asked us for additional services and we are more than happy to help because we believe that the satisfaction of our clients are of great importance and by doing so, we also get recommended to new clients.



1. Business Incorporation

2. Company Secretarial Services

3. Statutory Financial Statement

4. Bookkeeping Services

5. VAT Return

6. Payroll & CIS

7. Taxation Services

8. Business Plans & Forecasts

9. Wealth management

10. Practical Training

1. Business Incorporation:

We provide a wide range of services right from helping you to incorporate a business. We value your personal circumstances & business plans and guide you to incorporate the business that suits you whether you desire:

  • A Sole Trader

  • Partnership Firms

  • Limited Companies

  • Limited Liability Partnerships

  • Pension Scheme

  • Charities

2. Company Secretarial Services:

We provide you a complete package of secretarial services which might be to replace the expense of an In-house team. Generally, our fees are inclusive within our fixed fee of accountancy services on dealing with your secretarial services on following activities:

  • Submitting annual returns
  • Record keeping - Statutory Register
  • Drafting minutes to be presented at Board of Directors meeting
  • Drafting minutes to be presented at Annual General meetings
  • Preparation of Stock Transfer Forms
  • Preparation of Share Certificates
  • Appointment and termination of Directors & Secretaries
  • Allotment of share capital, etc

3. Statutory Financial Statements:

Directors are required to prepare accounts that give a true and fair view and that are prepared in accordance with the Companies Act 2006. Accounts are required to submit to the Companies House and HM Revenue and Customs. Non compliance may lead to fines, penalties and may also imply disqualification of directorship. With us, there is nothing to worry, we can make sure statutory compliance met with the respective bodies. We assist in following aspects:

  • Preparation of Annual Accounts - statutory financial statements for your company
  • If we do your book keeping, we will prepare financial statements and notify you before.
  • Submitting your company accounts to Companies House. if the company is eligible to do so and you wish then we can submit 'abbreviated company accounts' to companies' house.
  • Submitting accounts to HM Revenue & Customs with the Company's tax return in correct IXBRL format.

4. Bookkeeping Services:

Clients who do not have the internal resources to carry on day to day book keeping functions or who prefer to outsource such services can discharge their burden to us. You can just focus on your business. We will prepare and maintain the business accounting records in a suitable format to satisfy management needs, legal responsibilities and requirements of any outside bodies, such as HM Revenue & Customs and Companies House. Our book keeping service is cost effective and efficient. All you have to do is just provide us with records of sales, purchases, bank statements, cheques stubs etc and leave the rest to us.

Book-keeping services entails posting of your daily transactions using appropriate accounting software. On the basis of records, information and explanation you supply to us, we will do the writing up of your books and records. Providing you information about companies position on:

  • A record of sales
  • A record of purchases
  • A record of amounts owed to the business
  • A record of amounts owed by the business
  • Records of bank receipts and payments
  • Records of cash receipts and payments
  • Reconciliation of bank accounts
  • Inventory levels
  • Fixed assets register

Management information systems:

  • We assist you with providing monthly, quaterly, half yearly or yearly management accounts.
  • We assist with determining the level of risk involved to deal with particular Debtor or Supplier.
  • We assist with determining gross / profit margins, break even points, etc.

5. Value Added Tax (VAT):

We can assist you in meeting your obligations with regard to VAT, including filing of VAT returns.

VAT registration & planning:

  • Evaluating the pros and cons of voluntary VAT registration.
  • Assisting VAT registration
  • Advising the best VAT scheme suitable for your business.

VAT Returns:

  • If we are assigned book keeping job, we will also complete VAT preparation.
  • We make sure VAT returns are prepared on time to avoid HM Revenue & Customs penalties & surcharges.
  • Upon receipt of your approval we submit to HM Revenue & Customs.

6. Payroll & CIS:


  • We can assist you in calculating deductions and making payments to your employees, filing the necessary reports with HM Revenue & Customs and paying the correct amount of PAYE and National Insurance Contribution so as to comply with the legislation.
  • We will run your payroll on your behalf on the basis of information supplied to us about your employees.
  • Our Payroll team consists of dedicated staff, who would take care of all your payroll processing and reporting functions. This will enable you to reduce your overhead costs by improving efficiency and allowing you the freedom to deal with your core activities.

Our Payroll service will provide you the following:

  • Payroll summaries and payslips are provided via a mode of your choice i.e. email or by post.
  • Tailor advice on your HMRC liabilities
  • PAYE returns (RTI & FPS) & CIS that are submitted on time.
  • Claim for any incentives and payments that you may be entitled to.
  • Employee's joining forms, leaving forms, P60's, etc
  • Calculate statutory sick pay or maternity pay and student loan deductions.
  • Complete on your behalf P11D Expenses and Benefit forms.

7. Taxation Services:

We provide complete tax services for both corporate and non-corporate entities. We save you from unprecedented penalties by knocking on your door before the year ends and plan your tax by arranging a pre-yearend tax-planning meeting.

We believe that the tax planning tool is very important for the entrepreneur to get best advantage of the rules prescribed by HM Revenue & Customs.  On the basis of information provided to us we compute the tax liability; we discuss with you in detail the outcome and upon your approval we submit to HM Revenue & Customs on your behalf. We assist you in the following aspects:

  • Personal Tax Returns

  • If you are self-employed and carrying out various trading activities you have to submit your Self-Assessment tax return each year. We can assist you preparing your accounts and submit tax return on time. We save your time and effort by preparing, checking and filing your Tax Return.

  • Property Rental Income.

  • Employment status.

  • IR35

  • Profit extraction strategies (dividend vs. remuneration).

  • Corporation Tax.

  • Capital Gains.

  • Exit strategies.

  • Inheritance tax planning.

  • Entrepreneurs Relief, etc.

8. Business Plans & Forecasts:

We can assist you with various aspects of your business plan to enable you to raise finance to meet your working capital requirements or to invest for new ventures, business expansion or growth. These may be preparation of:

  • Business plans and strategy development

  • Business budgeting

  • Business forecasting

  • Business funding Strategies and Routes

  • Cash flow forecasts

  • Projected Profit & Loss accounts

  • We also monitor your Budgets and Projected Cash Flows with actual business results and provide you with the management information to reshape your plans.

9. HMRC Enquiries & Investigation:


  • HMRC enquiries may lead you to produce all documentation to support your accounts and tax returns. This includes all the documents that substantiate your claims eg. sales, purchase & expense invoices, and bank & credit card statements.

  • Taxpayers are selected randomly for this type of enquiry and in addition, HMRC will open this type of enquiry where they have reason to believe it is appropriate. If the taxpayer has not properly disclosed information, HMRC can seek to impose penalties plus interest on the late payment of taxes thereon.

  • We can deal with all aspects of HMRC enquiries including liaising with HMRC on your behalf, making voluntary disclosures, negotiating the closure of an enquiry and settlement of any taxes, penalties and interest due.

10. Practical Trainings:


  • We can help fulfil your ambition to build your career in the accounting field. We provide you accounting trainings and skills to operate various software. Training is provided in an effective way that will enable you to gain both theoretical and practical experiencen at the same time.

  • Business can take advantage to train their employees. Are you a business employer seeking to train your employees?

  • Students pursuing their career in accounting and want to gain work experience portfolio, we can help to fulfil your expectation.

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